Painter, Creative Director , Musician,  Co -Founder of THE NEXT BIG THINK, a boutique creative agency.

I constantly explore the human spirit and what is around me.  Almost everywhere I look, I get inspiration. I don’t necessarily believe in sticking to one theme, or that every piece has to be interlinked. The world is so chaotic and constantly changing. Inspiration can pop up from anywhere.

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Solo Exhibitions
2018 – Soulscapes  – Lionel Wendt Art Gallery

2015 – People, Puddles, Paradise – Lionel Wendt Art Gallery

Group Exhibitions
2022 – Cultural Diversity International Exhibition – New Delhi -Treasure art Gallery

2022 – Brilliant Resilient (Upside Singapore) NFT exhibition

2021 – Odyssey – Colombo Art Gallery

2002 – With Nadine David – Harold Peiris Gallery
2001 – Davasuriyasena Center
2017 – Cinnamon Colombo scope

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Glimpse of my work. You can view more in the galley page

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