Dillai Joseph

Painter, Creative Director and Co -Founder of THE NEXT BIG THINK, a boutique creative agency.

I constantly explore the human spirit and what is around me.  Almost everywhere I look, I get inspiration. I don’t necessarily believe in sticking to one theme, or that every piece has to be interlinked. The world is so chaotic and constantly changing. Inspiration can pop up from anywhere.

My style is a mix of classical and contemporary painting. I use  many types of mediums such as watercolour, acrylic/oils and soft pastels. Still love the old masters and am constantly trying to figure out their tricks. I would say I am a slow, detailed painter.

Climate change has been an area I have been exploring in the recent past. The human relationship with the environment specifically interests me. Painting has always been my first love even though I chose advertising as a career path. Being a Sri Lankan artist has given so much subject matter for most of my pieces.  Whether it is dirt on the road, to the most interesting faces on the pavement or the most breath-taking trees, seascapes, shrubs,  I can go on…

Although my Academics are from Communication Design and Marketing, and being in Advertising for the longest period (some award winning work), has widened the way I look at art and also made me understand the true value of proper artistry vs. the commercial art, and what not to be as an artist. I studied under Nadine David (Who studied under David Paynter) and Royden Gibbs, and have valuable knowledge that was passed down

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